We operate from a 2000 square foot restaurant located at 1104 South Wilmot Road in Tucson. We also support catering and special event with our  32 foot mobile food trailer. which is equipped with all the amenities of a commercial kitchen. Our mobile foot trailer is equipped with a  3 foot 6 inch diameter 7 foot long smoker which is fired from the rear. You will not find charcoal  lighter fluid gracing our pits, only pecan wood seasoned between 6-12 months.  Some people ask us why Pecan? The simple answer is, it taste's great and is plentiful within the region. The more technical explanation is that it is in the middle of the wood flavor band.  My personal opinion on wood strength from mild to strongest is as follows:


                      1. Oak

                      2. Hickory

                      3. Pecan

                      4. Cherry

                      5. Mesquite

So come on out and try some of our old fashion Pecan smoked pulled pork,  brisket, chicken, ribs and sausage.  We have something to satisfy any craving.  Our signature sides include homemade items such as smoked baked beans,  potato salad and coleslaw.  And don't forget to try our homemade BBQ Sauces -- No meal is complete without it!